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(Blog published June 3, 2015)
Falcons Do Not Wear Suits

"The Imagination is the home of the soul."
- Carl Jung

This is a profound, yet simple quotation, from one of the greatest minds in history, Carl Gustaf Jung.

As I grow older, wiser and sadder in my journey through this life, my  mind now is quite attuned to the crap and illusions that most of the collective society has been sucked into. I had to work many years at becoming aware of this. I am still working at it. I will continue to work at it. Yet, weirdly enough, one does not have to work at it at all if one is removed and in a state of silence. Some call this "meditation." I call it "life." A flower is still. A rock is still. Yet both in time will be destroyed and be recycled and again be present in some other form on earth, or not on earth but; but certainly  related to existence, presence (in some dimension of time and space) and ultimately, unity to The Creator.

For me it is a constant daily walk through the crap of the swamp land of life as I make that attempt to survive in a complex society.  Then, strangely enough I realize that I am in fact taken care of. Usually just by doing nothing, or doing something that leads to being taken care of and provided for in the most unusual ways.  This "being taken care of" has occurred for years. Am I a hindrance to my quality of existence? Most of the times, yes. The big issue is how does one walk through a swampland?  There are healthy ways and there are destructive ways (therefore collective ultimately). I find myself walking on both walk ways. Being consciously aware of this is extremely important, for eventually there will be only the enlightened path into the light, a reflection of the true self, or soul. Again, only the individual can do this for themselves, although a mentor, if one is fortunate enough to have one, is of great help.

All things sensed physically, emotionally or spiritually will leave its impression in our minds (and therefore our souls in what I believe is an indirect way)  in one way or the other.  Our collective society has been eclipsed by much ego-related junk that is totally self-serving. Just look at the stuff on the television. Incredible. A true wasteland.  I liken this to a a total solar eclipse of the soul, the light, within us definitely is blacked out or at least, dulled out. It need not be so.

The ego or human self  is in an erratic false orbit around this "illusion" of life  (maya is the psychological term for "illusion") and deception and the self is definitely moving away from the true purpose of honoring the soul, or the real and "immortal inner self" core of each individual which is now breathing on this planet earth. We all need sunlight and air to survive.

We humans are caught up in so much illusion in the struggle for mere existence that we have thrown "the honoring of the soul" into the cesspool of what we  think is life-usually for  the pursuit of pleasure or materialism.  This merry-go-round in hell has a nasty habit of repeating itself as we go merrily skipping downtown the Yellow Sick Road to seek the non-existent "Wizard of Odd." That Wizard exists only in our warped "out of synch" orbital minds. Oh boy! Spin on! I (we) need more of the same! Addictions come in all kinds of subtle modes. Most of us never realize that we are addicted. Most of us hit the grave being totally unaware. We want it that way.

One must step out of the self. One must observe. One must not anticipate or be anxious over things we have no control over. Does this sound familiar to you? I struggle with this everyday. 

All this brings me back to that falcon. So what about the falcon (please see part one I have written on "The Falcon Lands" --- I will publish that tomorrow, so you will have to come back, right?).

What is the meaning (at least the meaning to me) of this incredibly noble ave? For me, the bird was resonating inside me, or from the view of Jung, "internalizing" the vision. The bird symbolized myself getting a "bird's eye view" over everything, overcoming that anxiety of the future events in which I have no control over. I am soaring above things, the illusions of life. Further, the bird, like myself is a rather lonely and solitary creature. Further, like myself (an Aries) the bird is also a "warrior" with great focus that can see a small object from a great distance.

Focus. Yes, very important. One must focus, or be lost. I am guilty of not focusing enough in my own life, due to my curious nature. A trait of Aries. 

'OK' you say. So what about this title? 'Falcons Do Not Wear Suits?' Where did you get this from? Here is an analogy, perhaps a rather poor one, but it is true.

A few years ago I sold some valuable domain names to a major company near Hollywood. I have many domain names that I have registered over many years I have been involved in computers. Why? I guess I like being creative and just having them. I also had more money back then, too. I was using a couple of them for some websites with information on them. At that time, a reasonable and fair price was agreed upon (as I had invested much money and time, servers and registration in the creation of the sites over the years) I decided to make the decision to pick up the check instead of having a check mailed to me so. With this in mind, it was a Wednesday  we (that corporation and myself) had agreed upon, for me to come by.  I drove south past Hollywood to meet the people and get to know them, as I truly had an interest in what they were promoting. That was why I had posted information on the site.  On that Wednesday, they were not in the office. The secretary said they were at lunch, and I just missed them. She seemed pleasant and then handed me a check and said, 'This is what you came for, isn't it?'  I replied not totally true, but yes, I did come to pick up a check. She handed me some legal and very formal papers to sign, which was totally strange as the property was legally theirs' several days prior when the transfers took place. I signed them anyway.  I said I would go out for lunch and come back. A few hours later I returned, and still no one but the secretary was there. It was late in the day. I told her that I would have liked to meet the folks whom I had done business with, that I believed in their product nearly to a point of fanaticism and told her that I would return for a visit a later date, but not sure when as the drive was a considerable distance. I turned to walk out the front door. The back door opened and in came four people in nice expensive blue suits each with a surprised look on their faces. I turned around to greet them with a smile  Neat as a pin they all were.  I extended my hand in friendship to all of them and told them I was happy to meet them. I could tell from their eyes they were asking themselves "What the hell does he want?" Truth was that I just wanted to meet them. We chit-chatted about nothing for a few minutes. I then shook their hands again and my "warrior self " left quietly. My consciousness and the falcon saved me.

I have another "suit story." I went into a bank recently. Actually "they" say they are the largest and most powerful bank in the US.

I wanted to ask them about refinancing or modifying my loan to my house, as here in California, the value in my home had dropped considerably. I was paying on an inverted mortgage loan (I hate that word "mortgage." I sounds like "death" to me...I have to work on that one.) I was directed to a young man in a nice new blue suit. I asked him my questions, to which he had no answers and then referred me to a "specialist." The sign on his desk said he was a "specialist" in mortgages and such bothersome things. So he was not a "specialist." OK. Fine. He rises up out of his chair and said "I'm sorry about your house."

My response without thinking was " I really don't care." I sounded flippant. I found this a bothersome yet curious response. I got home and wondered why I had said this. 

I responded this way because I had no control over the situation (does a normal customer-person have control over a bank or a "suit?") I  had realized that trying to have control over such a situation was futile. I could not change a thing. What happens in 1 or 5 years is out of my control. For me that used to be an obsessive worry. It is less now. I see a lot of that around me everywhere, especially in the television media. To try and worry about it was just anticipatory anxiety. To get drawn into this way of thinking was to suck my energy or life force from me. Often when this happens, I am left depressed. Not good. It was appropriate in this case to respond with "I really don't care" -but only when I accepted the reality of "what is."

The warrior falcon with must come out only when it has a bird's eye view to change things. This time I was saved by my subconscious and the falcon.

OK. Here is more about the falcon from Native America. The falcon (or hawk) is like Mercury, the Messenger of The Gods. The falcon teaches one to be observant and to look at your surroundings. Observe the OBVIOUS in everything you do. Life is constantly sending you signals (to my way of thinking they are synchronic signals). The non-illusion version of "life" is the thing here. Be observant to the subtle things around you...the things that escape most people. The Messenger Falcon is bringing you a message which can call forth the power for you to overcome any stressful situation that is currently bothering you in the moment. Are you using your talents that The Creator has given you? Are you looking at things around you and taking them in? The light, the smells, the colors? One is only as powerful as consciousness allows. This consciousness comes in through both subconscious and consciousness.

With the falcon (or bird's eye view) comes an overall view of life. This also brings in a heightened awareness and responsibility for one's actions on all levels of conduct, be it a bank suit or a president giving a command to launch missiles. Get out of yourself and look down on your life for the grand perspective. That way you can soar without hindrances. One can also soar closer to the Light and warmth of the Sun as well.

The falcon will set the imagination- the home of the soul, free.

"The falcon is within me."                                       
                                                                                  - John Anthony Miller
                                                                           (Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved)


Conservative versus Liberal.

(Blog entry June 2, 2015)

Interesting words. I do not belong to any political party. I am not a liberal, nor am I a conservative. All political parties are now corrupted and answer only to where the dollar is. This "evolution of society" will express itself in generalized greed and love of self on a scale never seen in our memories, but only read about in books, or seen in films.

But, this graphic can generally be a "statement" about the polarization that our country is in now. It is very real. This polarization (on all racial and cultural and economic levels) will be getting much worse. Few will believe my perception here, but when the time comes, and when people are individually affected by invasion of the corporate entities (because they have to be in order to literally survive) they will understand too late.

Complacency and indifference are now what we have, moving like a virus rampant, throughout the United States. To complicate matters, much if not all, is masked as being "good." Or being presented as and for the general "good" of humanity in the expression of ideas, or being for the times culturally proper. (I am not addressing religion here.)

Further, on its way to complete expression, there also must occur "hyper" anarchy and a general uprising of malcontent in the populace. It will be extremely violent. As we go further into the age of enlightenment (now a supplemented and sometimes subdued expression through the media of electronics and entertainment) a wide-spread confusion of morals and principles that were lost in previous generations, will further be agitated- and seek to express itself in totally cruel and creative ways. In the final result, it will be accepted and absorbed into our culture and considered "normal."

                                                                                                            -John Anthony Miller


Knights and Chivalry and God in 2015. One man's view.

(published June 1, 2015)

I would like to think that maybe I have helped, in some small way, a few souls. Yes, a lot of time was spent, for sure. It was and still is, totally worth all efforts. I was too shy to put in for this award myself. Fine Princess Karen Cantrell, whom I consider some kind of shooting star in the heavens, recognized my efforts and started the procedure rolling with the White House and through Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem based in Malta. This last year, I just was ill, and so many problems affecting me, that I could not do as much as I wished to in regard to carrying on my work. These awards are not that easy to get. So, I am thankful. Also it is good to reassure my self, that I am here, doing my best, to try and make this human condition a bit better. Still, the work is far far from done. EACH of you must give some of you time, no matter how small your act, even just a smile, or opening a door. It need not be stellar.

Those few of you, who wish to become a member of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, please contact me and I will set up the paperwork as an officer. Please, DO NOT join this for some kind of title. It does not work that way. We are not in this to grant titles per se. That will come in time. It is service to the other parts of the world, suffering people and animals in great need, that is our great mission...and we are about. We do our best. As an aside, I am also involved in another very noble system - The Knights Of Saint Michael Martial Arts Association. You can contact me about this also. We are not as large as most but very effective and operate under the guidance of the Saints Michael The Archangel and Saint Joan of Arc, and under Biblical principles. We have several tiers in the KOSMMA, low to high, eventually the top tier as being a priest (no, you do not have to go that fare to that tier) but we have LADY KNIGHTS under the guiding protectorate of Saint Joan of Arc. That is unique. No other order has lady knights as far as I know. Correct me please if you can. Our blessed Saint Joan of Arc will be with you wonderful ladies. Last Saturday, the Lord Arch Bishop of The Evangelical Church in America, just dubbed as a knight, Sir William Bowmar. I have photos, but things here have interfered with my time. I will post these soon as I get my mortgage paid. Satan is trying to take us out and works by such ways as trying to make people late in payments and interfere with financial matters. A minor irritation. These ceremonies are impressive with the use of the Sword of David as the instrument of formal dubbing being properly touched on the shoulders under sacred oath, and will are witnesses to a dark world that we are under, legally, spiritually and morally committed under the protective auspices of The Evangelical Anglican Church of America and its protective holy saints. All very real, all no deception. If you are dubbed a knight as a man or a lady, you are a formal knight, and it is not just a questionable title on a piece of paper. There is a course of action you must take, but you may become a member (a squire) immediately for a VERY nominal token fee and will have signed paperwork and other items send to you. You do not have to know martial arts, but, we will provide you information on that for your use. This is in accordance with Knight Templars of centuries past. What we are seeking are the correct soulful people. God will lead you here. We do not just accept anyone. You cannot buy you way in. You will have to earn your title, but if you are a sincere, Godly person, this will pose no problem. We are growing, in strength and in the proper way under God. We may be as close to the true Knights Templars as one can get in the society in which we live. We also have structure, the head being the Anglican Church and that being under our blessed Saviour Jesus Christ. You need NOT be a member of that church (Anglican), but you must believe in and give full commitment to Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

Private Message Sir John Anthony Miller, or Sir Sifu Manuel Rodriguez. He is the Knight Commander, and very well qualified to hold this office. This will change your life, should you wish to be one of us. Either way, with the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem or The Knights Of Saint Michael Martial Arts Association, we are the real thing, with the correct oaths, formalities and dedication to God Almighty. I leave you in peace and love with this information. These times we live in need special and exceptional individuals. If you have read this far, you likely are one. Amen. And Selah...

Sir John Anthony Miller, KT, Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, The Knights Of Saint Michael Martial Arts Association (Knight of the Order Of Saint Michael directly sanctioned by God (Yahaveh, the God of Jews, and Legally and Formally by The Evangelical Anglican Church in America.) Become part of both orders, as I am. Sir John in His Service and with Strength and Honour.
John Anthony Miller receiving his knighthood by The Lord Bishop of The Evangelical Anglican Church In America. April, 2014.
The Miller Family Crest.
The Coat of Arms of The Order of Saint Michael (Evangelical Anglican Church of America)
Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, United States of America Grand Priory.

The Age of “Me” by John Anthony Miller 
February 12, 2014



The world, presently, is becoming better and worse at the same time. Today I encountered a rude person. Rude and mean for no reason. I did not do things her way...which really, was no way. Her loss was having my artwork, superiour piece it was...and I gave her back her money. My work will sell probably next week or sooner to a person who values what I do. Rude and mean and loud and insensitive conduct, thoughtlessly hurled at others....that seems the normal thing to do to people these days. Take your frustrations out on the other person. Yeah, feels good doesn't it? No it doesn't.

After all, someone has to take the brunt. The individual throwing the knives will take no responsibility for their actions on a long time basis. The short ramifications are bad also, but they can be corrected, as least as far as the person dishing them out is concerned.

No one is perfect. The long term rocks (which seem to be boulders eventually) in the road of the abuser...well, they will crush the person. No need for vengeance from the receiver. Step to the side of the road and watch.

It is all in the karmic law of retribution. Again and again I witness it. If it is a long distance thing, it will still happen...I don't need to see anything happen. It will happen. Blessed are meek...they will inherit the "earth." Look up the word "meek" as it was meant to be is not what you might think. Some of you already know what it means...akin to "turn the other cheek" when "hit.'

Certain people are "protected" by unseen (or seen to some) beings and forces. So be it. Not in my control. We are sanctified by our parents and our ancestors. I keep driving that home to you all. We must really think and act differently, or we, as a population (species) will go extinct. Maybe giant praying mantids will take over... lol!

Maybe when we do something, let's think of this: words are weapons and can also be healers...and manifestors. Some of us are "manifestors." We make stuff happen by just thinking it into being. Assumption will always harden into fact.  One more major thing. Stay humble and forgive. Keep love in you at all times...not the plastic love by giving temporal jewelry out at Valentine's Day. Go for the real deal. Like say "I love you" and open a door, wash the dishes, paint a room...just wash the car....give a few bucks to homeless or poor person...give a book or object away if a person sincerely likes it. Say a prayer about a person you do not get along with. You are heard.

Like the Sword Excalibur (in my opinion, it existed and the Lady of The Lake possessed it)...very powerful in a human's hands. Are you the right person to wield the proper and considerate words? A single word can make a person's day...or destroy him or her.

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John Anthony Miller-

A brief summary of the man and his art.

John Anthony Miller, artist, hails from a long line of medical doctors and mariners and
was born on Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, April 13th,during Washington state’s greatest
earthquake in recorded history. Fine artist, engraver, etcher, bookseller, humanitarian, rebel,
nonconformist, eccentric and sometimes outspoken and reclusive, he loves people and
and sharing knowledge in his quest to improve the human condition.

John Anthony Miller is a descendant of the 1620 MAYFLOWER pilgrims (John Alden,
Priscilla Mullins and in addition to Polly Dillingham's family line. John Alden, who lived from
1599 to September 12, 1687, is said to be the first person from the Mayflower to set foot
on Plymouth Rock in 1620. He was a ship carpenter by trade and a cooper for Mayflower,
which was usually docked at Southampton. He was one of the founders of the Plymouth
Colony and the seventh signer of the Mayflower Compact. Through the Dillingham family
line, John Anthony Miller's ancestry leads back to Elder William Brewster who who in
charge of the pilgrims and carried swords, guns and wore armour. Elder Brewster also
drew up the Mayflower Compact.


John Alden was distinguished for practical wisdom, integrity and decision,
he acquired and retained a commanding influence over his associates. Employed in
public business he became the Governor's Assistant, the Duxbury Deputy to the
General Court of Plymouth, a member under arms of Capt.Miles Standish's Duxbury
Company, a member of Council of War, Treasurer of Plymouth Colony,and
Commissioner to Yarmouth. John Anthony Miller is also a descendant of John Proctor,
who was hung as a "Salem witch" in 1692-the first male to be accused of

being a “witch” in that terrible time of American history. John is also a descendant of Roger
Conant, founder of Sale, Massachusetts who came to the United States on the ship.

“Anne” in 1622.

John Anthony Miller is also related to the famous Choate family, who played an historic
part in the history of the United States. His grandfather Dr. John Edward Miller was

a physician to William Randolph Hearst, Jack London and had one of the very first x-
ray machines in California, which resulted in an early death from radiation poisoning


One of his uncles Lt. John Marshall Miller, was killed in Normandy at the time of the D-

Day Invasion. As a child, John built models and kites, collected snakes and other animals,

practiced archery, wrote and played music and climbed little mountains in a rural setting

and dreamed of knights and sketched castles, as the son of an MD. He also showed a
talent for writing and won a second place award for a San Luis Obispo County Youth
Writing Contest, sponsored by the largest local television station in1960 where he

was attending Atascadero elementary school at the time. It was a $25
prize. First prize was $100.

John is a believer in Jungian symbology and synchronicity, Native
American Sacred Religions as well as Hawaiian Religious Beliefs with a
deep homage and respect to both.

John Anthony Miller believes in a Supreme Being-The God of The Jews
and Yeshua (The Christ Jesus, Son and Messiah of The Living God),
time travel, UFOs and that space is bent in upon itself and that the
“speed of light” is not a constant (according to classical Einsteinian physics).
Everything, including art, is mathematically based according to John’s view-but is
divinely designed. He also believes in Darwinian evolution and in random chance,
but that we as humans can change our own fate.

He also has a very strong inclination towards Buddhism and Hinduism religions.
John Anthony Miller holds degrees from colleges and universities, but is basically
self-taught in art - is artistic gift being realized at about the age of  four.
He took art lessons briefly with Varaz Samuelian, a well-known artist in central
California. He can write with both hands, backwards and forward
mirror writing with both hands simultaneously. He did post-graduate work with an
electron microscope, became a certified histo-technician and assisted on autopsies,
sold flowers on street corners, worked as a picture framer, a photographer, and art
restorer. He worked briefly at a carnival, picked fruit in the San Joaquin Valley during
his college days, loaded fruit trucks at a packing plant in Fresno

and hung with some tough types at that time. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from
Fresno State University in 1971 with a Bachelor’s degree in science.

Later, he was commissioned by Reminiscence in Miniature in the 1980’s to create
miniature etchings which were sold world-wide under the capable guiding hand of
Commander Norman L. Gearhart, USN. Eventually he rented his own artist studio

in downtown Ventura for many years, which used to be the old office of singer
Johnny Cash. Later on, his interest was geared to selling rare books.  It is his

belief that nothing happens by chance but life in general is a controlled crap-shoot,
thinking along the lines of Thomas Jefferson, the “American Leonardo da Vinci.”
He believes in a life after death in a spirit existence, as some of his closest friends are
metaphysicians, psychics and ghost hunters.

John believes in past life existences, either through genetic lineage or impressions from
past lives or spiritual transmission into an embryo before birth. He also believes that we

are sanctified by our parents and ancestors. He likes motorcycles, flowers, poetry, books
and artistically constructed knives and guitars. He despises injustice and the evil
collectives and what they are doing now to people-putting money and greed above

the sad human condition as it now is in 2015.