Phantom Bookshop of Ventura, California
since the early 1980's. Specializing in the unusual, rare and general books of interest as well as facsimile dust jackets
Sir John Anthony Miller                    (805) 641.3844
John Anthony Miller artwork! We sell the art work of John Anthony Miller miniature etchings and engravings.
Sir John Anthony Miller working at Phantom Bookshop in San Buenaventura, California
Phantom Bookshop. On the Internet since 1995
and located in downtown Ventura, CA

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Ray Bradbury and John Anthony Miller at Phantom Bookshop, 1993.
'NOW HEAR THIS...!!! The Phantom Bookshop is no Hunchback. It is, rather, the equivalent of Dracula saying "I bid you Velcome," or The Mummy going for a "little walk." Or Baron von Frankenstein shouting, "It's alive!"  Or King Kong falling off The Empire State Building and landing squarely, happily on us!  Roll 'em all together and you got The Phantom Bookshop!  Do you read me?'                                                                      -Ray Bradbury, 1995
February 2017
Photograph of Sir John Anthony Miller. 2015. San Buenaventura, California, USA
Sir John Anthony Miller. 2015. San Buenaventura, California, USA

San Buenaventura, California
June, 2015

My fine friends and followers! I posting my thoughts and blogs and photographs right here on this site rather than Face Book. I am doing this for several reasons. One is that I feel that my kind of intelligent, creative soulfuls will come here and find some enlightening thoughts, pictures and words. The other being, I hope to not attrack crass and insensitive comments by others, either out of spite, ignorance or both. I have been receiving these on that social platform. I just thought to myself,  'There must be a better way!'

Please stay with me while I populate this site. It is a lot of work, but it will be worth it. I thank you, with my love. Sir John.

John Anthony Miller
John Anthony Miller
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