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Some testimonials about the products and quality of material from Phantom Bookshop and the
artwork and character of John Anthony Miller, owner of Phantom Bookshop.

A few highlight comments about the art of John Anthony Miller: His art is in "collections" 
of The Smithsonian Institution,
Chicago Art & Science Industry, The Carnegie Art Museum, Chicago Art Institute, President Obama,
etc. and other
notable people. MAURICE SENDAK: "Thank you for the lovely etchings!" - Maurice Sendak, Children's book illustrator, 1981 SIFU MANUEL RODRIGUEZ: "John Anthony Miller is a gifted artist." - Master M. Rodriguez, Red Dragon Classical Guitar
and Kung Fu Academy and Olympic Trainer of Martial Artists. 2010 FREDERICK GRUE: "John Anthony Miller is a true professional."
- Frederick Grüe 1979, World's Premiere Still Life Painter.
John Anthony Miller was a student of Grüe. JOHNNY CASH: "I like your work very much." -Johnny Cash , 1978, Legendary Country Singer Musician. WILLIAM F. NOLAN: "The unique art of John Anthony Miller is a joy to behold. His wondrous talent shines,
diamond-bright, from each work...a talent to cherish." -William F. Nolan 2009, co-author of "Logan's Run" RAY BRADBURY: "(edited) wonderful and what a genius you are. You have an incredible talent, John, and I hope
you know that...All my love, Ray." -Ray Bradbury 2010. Ray Bradbury is the author of "Fahrenheit 451" and the world's
most beloved author, recipient of France's highest medal of artistic honor and White House Medal of Honor in
The Creative Arts. (Ray Bradbury has purchased many of my facsimile dust jackets for his editions and has some of my
artwork in his collection.)
eBay comments about Phantom Bookshop, the products and books; all positive the latest one from February 2014. The words speak for themselves. Click on the link at the left under "eBay Testimonials" to read for yourself! Most of these comments are for my facsimile dust jacket work.